During previous CFO Days we discussed several elements from 'Leading in the Vuca world' in which we live. We provided solutions for volatility (Put your business in the fast lane), uncertainty (Accelerate Learning) and complexity (Embrace Entrepreneurship). This year we will explore the topic that will put your personal leadership skills to the ultimate test: 'Leading through ambiguity’. Boards of directors are becoming more and more diffuse and complex. Digitisation is necessary for growth, because only the largest companies will survive in their markets. This demands centralisation. On the other hand, more local autonomy is necessary in order to be able to quickly adapt to changes in the market.

Your shareholders are becoming more vocal about their demands for increased profits and higher stock prices (think about Unilever and AkzoNobel). Therefore, you have to focus all your efforts on lowering costs and creating more efficiency. On the other hand, the human factor is more important than ever before, because your organization’s innovation and creativity come from your people and they need the freedom to develop their full potential.

Doing the right thing to benefit society is becoming increasingly more important to (potential) customers and employees, which is fully compatible with achieving good (monetary) results in the long term. However, this is not always the case when it comes to short-term results, as companies must respond to the scrutiny of the media, analysts and shareholders.

The balancing act France is experiencing is also becoming more difficult. More than ever before, you are involved in the business, you encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, and you make it attainable. However, due to the increased speed of doing business, a company will go downhill faster than ever before if it makes a mistake. On the other hand, the risks facing your company are also increasing exponentially. Therefore, you have to be willing to put on the brakes faster and harder than in the past, especially in a boardroom where everyone wants to transform business. Meanwhile, you also have the regulators, media and public opinion that can’t wait to condemn and discredit you when things go wrong.

During CFO Day 2018 we will explore the biggest contrasts in today’s business world and in the world of Finance. We will discuss what kind of leadership is required to lead in an ambiguous world. You will be inspired by people who have guided their ship through murky waters under difficult circumstances, and you will discuss with your peers the challenges they face with the theme: Leading through ambiguity.


H.R.H. Prince Constantijn

Ambassador StartupDelta

Michiel Vos

Journalist and US correspondent

Tom Coronel

Entrepeneur & WTCC Touringcar driver

Ineke Kooistra

CEO YoungCapital

Joseph Oubelkas

Inspirator and entrepreneur

Pieter Zwart

CEO Coolblue

Bert Nappier

International CFO FedEx Express

Rens de Jong


Herman Molenaar

CFO Vanderlande Industries

Koen Slippens

CEO Sligro Food Group

George Parker

Speaker / Author / Stand-up illusionist

Rob van der Sluis

CFO Sligro Food Group

Lekan Somefun

Program Manager House in Order Essent

Ruben van Zwieten

Pastor of the Zuidas

Marc Herremans

Triathlete & inspirational speaker

Ron Hemmer

CFO Hunkemöller

Jac Orie

Dutch skating coach and former skater

Raymond Cloosterman

CEO Rituals Cosmetics

Marinda van Harskamp

Global Finance Stream Leader, Certified Trainer and Coach

Kevin Weijers

Chief Exploration Officer 80 Experiments

Herman Spruit

Partner Bain & Company

Koen Gonnissen

Co-author ‘De Bedrijfsatleet’ (The Company Athlete)

Anne-Johan Willemsen

Economist and owner TopMind

Ruud Hendriks

Co-founder Startupbootcamp

Piet Donners

Finance Director Boels Rental

Marc Toebes

‎SVP & Head of Accounting Operations ‎Philips

Guido Nap

CFO Simpel

Stijn Schneider

Group Controller GrandVision

Oscar Visser

CFO YoungCapital






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