The evaluations from the past CFO Days have shown that you appreciate that we have shifted the focus during CFO Day from developments within finance, to a dialogue with CFOs and finance leaders about developments which dominate today’s world and will dominate tomorrow’s world.

During the brainstorming with many of you about the theme of CFO Day 2019, it became clear that you have a need to focus on the societal impact of a number of developments.

Developments which you are worried about, but where you also see opportunities. The theme of CFO Day 2019 will be ‘Building Bridges’.

We will discuss how we, as companies and CFOs, can deal with these developments:

  • How do we build a bridge to groups who nowadays are still side-lined too much in all parts of society and especially at the top?
  • How do we build a bridge to a multicultural society?
  • How do we build a bridge to an aging society and keep older people longer active on the job market?
  • How do we build a bridge to preserving our planet and how do we build a real sustainable society?
  • How do we build a bridge to those who are on the losing side of digitization?

  • What will we as CFOs do differently in concrete terms and what steps will we take to find a (financial) model which is sustainable from both a business and a societal point of view?

    We wish to enter into this dialogue not just with you, but also with the CFOs of tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We therefore challenge you to bring along a young potential of 30 years or younger. Do they see things through the same eyes as you or do they broaden your field of vision? Discover this together with us during CFO Day 2019.


    Wouter de Jong

    Mindfulness Trainer & owner Gym for your mind

    Jimmy Nelson

    Photographer and photojournalist

    Wopke Hoekstra

    Minister of Finance

    Bas Nijhuis

    Paid Football referee
    and Entrepreneur

    Eric Smit

    Co-founder and editor-in-chief of Follow the Money

    Jabine van der Meijs

    Executive Vice President & CFO Royal Schiphol Group

    Steve Carlin

    illusionist and mind reader

    Peter Bastmeijer

    Director Business Control KLM Inflight Services

    Merijn Zeeman

    sports director cycling team Jumbo-Visma

    Talitha Muusse

    Millenial Expert

    Marjan van Loon

    CEO Shell Nederland

    Marc Oosterhout

    Author and Managing Director N = 5

    Hans Schuil

    CFO Royal Cosun

    Sako Gatsjatrjan

    Teacher Physical Education

    Joost Eerdmans

    Party President Leefbaar Rotterdam

    Japke-d. Bouma

    Editor-in-chief and columnist NRC Handelsblad

    Peter De Keyzer
    Gerard Spong
    Top attorney and criminal law expert
    Eveline Helmink

    Editor in chief international media brand Happinez






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