Aldous Huxley wrote his master novel Brave New World back in 1932; he sketched out a dystopia in which technology determines human life, from birth right through to death. George Orwell’s famous ‘1984’ is another one of these representations of a society full of unpleasant characteristics. Technology allows a totalitarian regime to keep its subjects in an all-controlling stranglehold. The one thing which both books have in common is the dark side of technology.

Although it’s fictional, of course, those two works still make us think about the current, rapidly advancing technological developments. Smart algorithms can certainly lead to a very one-sided image, the infamous myth trap. Do we actually want big tech companies to determine what the truth is? Are they in danger of becoming our Ministry of Thought?

We are now making more and more use of technology within our organisations in order to gain insights. But how can we make sure we don’t blindly put our trust in this? That we continue to understand how things work out in the real world. That our age-old gut instinct will always continue to play a role. And that we don't allow our people to be assessed by systems, but that we continue to engage with them ourselves!

Because there is a real danger of turning people into robots as a result of all this new technology. Robots without a will of their own. That feelings will need to make way for ratio, for people’s ability to think. Ratio which will go hand in hand with all technological developments. Resulting in an entire world being built based on what’s measurable and what’s feasible.

We’d like to invite you to enter into discussions together about this dark side during the upcoming CFO Day. And how we can continue to highlight and make effective use of that human side.


Menno Lanting
Author and innovator
Brenda Smith
Director Marketing & Customer Experience at AS Watson Health & Beauty Benelux
Noreena Hertz
Economist, professor en author
Alrik Boonstra
CHRO at Jumbo supermarkten
Daniel Gebler
CTO at Picnic
Hetty Helmsmoortel
Molecular biologist, author of ‘De geknipte genen'
Olivier Khouri
Philosopher and motivator
Vivienne de Leeuw
CFO Port of Rotterdam
Prof. Dr. Bob de Wit
Professor Strategic Leadership
Marloes Pomp
Lecturer on the field of new technologies & Innovation of Tech Enthusiast
Gina Doekhie
Cybercrime Specialist
Henry Schimer
CFO Randstad Group
Jabine vander Meijs vierkant
Jabine van der Meijs
Carlo van de Weijer SA vierkant
Carlo van de Weijer
General Manager Eindhoven University of Technology
Annick vierkant
Annique Mossou
Trainer and Researcher @ Bellingcat
Dessi Lange Damianova
Chief Operating Officer @ Bellingcat






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