Abhijit Bhattacharya (CFO Philips) was honored with a CFO Award during CFO Day 2019.

Tribute for a wonderful career at the service of Royal Philips, for his personal journey and for the way in which Abhijit Bhattacharya as CFO makes the difference in the transformation. With resounding results for Philips! That is why the jury selected Abhijit as the winner of the 2019 CFO Awards..


The reason for a company’s existence is changing. Our focus is shifting from tangible to intangible, from shareholders to stakeholders, and from creating short-term value, to creating long-term value. Why? Because the reasons why employees and customers commit themselves to your company are fundamentally changing. It’s no longer about what you can give them or do for them, it boils down to how they feel about your company. Therefore, companies must now work from a shared purpose perspective instead of solely striving for financial gain. It’s a change that touches and impacts organisations as a whole.

Purpose is seen as the reason for action, the DNA of an organisation, or even an organisation’s reason for existence. The question is, what does that mean precisely? When does a company achieve the greater goal? Does a company-wide supported purpose contribute to its profitability and appeal? What role does the CFO play in creating, maintaining and experiencing this purpose-driven strategy? And, what is the right balance when it comes to profit versus purpose. In a nutshell, aiming for a strategy that is driven by purpose is no easy task.

During the upcoming CFO Day, we invite you to enter into dialogue to discuss purpose. Speak with others about what your organisation is doing to achieve or maintain its path towards purpose. Also, talk about the importance of purpose for a job in finance and for yourself. We will discover that aiming for purpose is like climbing a mountain: all of you are trying to achieve the same goal, which is to reach the top. However, there are different paths you can take to get there, and the path towards purpose is perhaps more important than the greater goal itself. Share your own paths and allow yourself to be amazed at the Efteling by the paths chosen by your colleagues and by the inspiring, out of the box presenters.


Jeroen Smit

Business administrator and journalist

Paul Stamsnijder

Founder and managing partner of the Reputation group

Michiel Vos

Chairman, journalist and United States correspondent

Lucia Rijker

Former boxer and actress

Lieven Scheire

Flemish comedy and television maker






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