Since 2002, the CFO Award has been awarded by the CFO Community to a CFO who has achieved exceptional performance in recent years. The annual award ceremony is during the CFO Day.


During the CFO Forum on September 22, 2020, which was organized as an alternative to the usual CFO Day due to COVID-19, Paul Verhagen (CFO Fugro) was honored with the CFO Award. As an ultimate tribute to this 'people person' and crisis manager.

Ultimate challenges, and that for almost seven years. As CFO of internationally renowned soil researcher Fugro, Paul Verhagen has overcome one crisis after another. The jury of the CFO Awards – Bert Groenewegen, Petri Hofsté, Jaska de Bakker and Pieter de Jong – therefore unanimously chose Mr. Verhagen as winner of the CFO Award because he never gives up and always keeps fighting for 'his' Fugro. Read here the full report.